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Carol Li | Senior

“Hi! My name is Carol Li, and I am the co-president of FBLA. I joined the club to gain some insight on the business world, and one of my favorite memories of the club is participating in SLC in 2019. The competition was held in Sacramento, and I had a great time exploring the city with friends as well as learning more about business management. This year, I’m looking forward to a new experience with virtual FBLA conferences.”


Nyah Zhang | Senior

“Hi, my name is Nyah Zhang, and I am one of the co-presidents this year! When I first joined FBLA, I was not sure what to expect since I was not particularly interested in business. But, this club expands across all fields and is a great learning experience. My favorite FBLA memory was definitely state competition in my sophomore year and I am looking forward to competing virtually this year!”

Vice President of Projects

Justin Huh | Junior

“Hi, my name’s Justin Huh, and I currently serve as the Vice President of Activities! I joined FBLA because I wanted to take the opportunity to emerge myself into an environment where I could learn more about the business world. My favorite FBLA memory is when I won Fifth Place at SSLC alongside my friends, which qualified us to compete at SLC. This year, I’m looking forward to planning new events and opportunities to improve member involvement!”

Vice President of Activities

Simone Yu | Junior

“Hi! My name is Simone Yu, and I’m the Vice President of Projects. I joined FBLA because I was really interested in improving my leadership and communication skills, making new friends with the same drive as I had, and competing in events. My favorite FBLA memory is competing in the section conference last year. I had studied really hard and managed to place first place in one of my events, which taught me that I shouldn’t underestimate myself and that hard work pays off. This year, I’m really looking forward to making new connections with others, virtual or not!”


Karsten Ma | Junior

“Hi, I’m Karsten, and I am the secretary of the Glen A Wilson FBLA chapter this year. At the start of high school, I joined this organization as a freshman to further my knowledge in business practice and to add it to my list of transcript extracurriculars. I am looking forward to a competitive but enjoyable time at sectional and state events this year as we all bear through the covid season. Business leaders adapt and are resilient, so I hope we can meet those standards this year!”


Sandra Pan | Sophomore

“Hello everyone! My name is Sandra, and I’m your treasurer this year! I joined FBLA because I wanted to learn soft skills and have a basic foundation of knowledge regarding business. Although this year is a little different from the rest, I’m looking forward to making connections and networking with people throughout FBLA!””

Leadership Associate

Alex Vong | Junior

“Hello, my name is Alex, and I’m excited to serve as your leadership associate this year. I joined FBLA to take the opportunity to expand my knowledge in business and get more involved in high school. Looking forward to meeting you all!”


Serena Yang | Junior

“Howdy, my name is Serena, and I am proud to serve as your Historian this year! I joined FBLA because I was always drawn towards Business and I hope to be involved in some way in college. My favorite event would have been Introduction to Financial Math in freshman year. Although I was unable to place, it was my favorite event to study for because of the interesting topics and learning how to calculate. I am looking forward to networking and reconnecting with other members and officers at SSLC and SLC.”

Public Relations

Renee Wang | Junior

“Hi, I’m Renee. I am looking forward to serving as your public relations officer this year! FBLA has several opportunities and events that will allow you to grow in your high school career. From the workshops to competitions, I can say from my own experience that FBLA will have a lot of fun things in store for everyone!”


Leo Chang

“Are you looking for leadership opportunities, community service opportunities, networking, career preparation and training, awards and recognition, scholarships and more? You have come to the right place. FBLA is an CTSO organization working hard to ensure the world has a better future and dedicated to helping students connect, explore, discover, achieve, and inspire.”



Christina Rouw