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What is Glen A Wilson FBLA?

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the largest nation-wide student-run organization that aims to help students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs. Split by divisions, Glen A Wilson FBLA is a part of the California state chapter arranged by the Southern Section (See more info on FBLA-PBL here).

At Glen A Wilson FBLA, members partake in a wide-variety of activities hosted by the chapter like badge projects, business workshops, and webinars. In addition, Glen A Wilson FBLA also attends regional and state competitions, ranging from standard tests to materialized presentations (See Competition List for more info).

Glen A. Wilson FBLA also ensures to highlight every member’s dedication to the club by offering variety of membership opportunities and recognition such as scholarships, awards, benefits, etc. Our program’s focus is to inspire students to develop leadership skills, showcase their business expertise at academic competitions, and demonstrate service to their community.

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Activities we do

Dedicated to serving our community through club initiatives, we host a large array of activities for members to do outside of competitions!

Attend Leadership Conferences

Participate in State Projects (Green-Initiative, Financial Literacy, etc.)

Member Bonding and Team-Building Activities

Goals of Our club

GAWHS FBLA’s mission is to combine aspects of business and education together to create community-minded leaders within our society.

To create collaborative communities

To develop an additional set of skills

To continuously improve and deliver the best of our ability

CTE Requirements

In order to participate in FBLA as a full-fledged member, you must be in or have taken a CTE-approved class. As a full-fledged member, you are able to participate in competitions and workshops held by FBLA. If you do not have a CTE course, you can still join FBLA, but your activities could be limited to club events and socials. Here is a list of CTE courses offered by Glen A Wilson High School:

Business and Finance: Marketing, Sales, and Services

  • Business and Finance
  • Marketing

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

  • Culinary Arts 1
  • Culinary Arts 2

Information and Communication Technologies

  • Computer Science Principle
  • AP Computer Science

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

  • Digital Graphics 1
  • Digital Graphics 2
  • Graphic Arts and Multi Design
  • Beginning Photography
  • Intermediate Photography
  • Advanced Photography

Engineering and Architecture

  • IED Honors (Introduction to Engineering Design)
  • POE Honors (Principles of Engineering)
  • DE Honors (Digital Graphics)
  • Design and Dev H (Engineering Design and Development)

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