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First General Meeting (10/8/2020):

The first meeting of GAWHSFBLA for 2020-2021! An overview on what FBLA is and what the club is all about!

Second General Meeting (10/26/2020)

The second meeting for GAWHSFBLA members that are interested in activities and events like LDI!

LDI Information Meeting (11/12/2020):

LDI is approaching soon! Meeting goes over what LDI is about and what preparations need to be done to prepare.

Southern Section Leadership Conference Meeting (1/7/2021):

SSLC is coming up soon! Check out all the information and guidelines on how to compete.

SSLC and Project Information Meeting (1/21/2021):

Got everything prepared for SSLC? Check out the powerpoint for details on events and study materials to help you prep!