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Note: It is highly recommended to use Quizlet to study for FBLA Objective Events. Here are some links recommended by alumni and placed members to help you prepare for your competitive event.

A PDF file that has the outline for every event. It has the topics for the content you’ll cover for each event and the general guidelines on the requirements to compete.

Notes going over the competitive events. Includes general tips on preparing for FBLA competitive events.

A folder full of practice tests, study guides, and questions for you to prepare for any of the competitive events.

Test Frenzy has a lot of previous practice tests for objective events. Sometimes even questions are reused!

A website made by a teacher that possesses materials on events that could be beneficial to prepare you for your event.

Here is a post made by a student who placed in nationals two times before. Possesses some tips on how to study and prepare.

Project examples of previous demonstration event winners. (Includes Code & Programming, Computer Game & Simulation Programming, E-Business, Mobile Application Development, and Website Design.)